Custom Keypads & Overlays for You!

If you need custom made keypads, membranes or overlays then Screentec can help.

These can be printed and manufactured to any size up to 850mm x 650mm in any number of colours. For large machine front panels we are able to print up to 2500 x 1250mm using our digital router / cutter.

Best of all there is no minimum quantity!

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Prototypes turned around in 5 working days+

Below is a video of our laser machine cutting an adhesive layer.

But why would you trust Screentec?

Because we've got over



experience in the industry.

Give us the opportunity to make your own ideas a reality!

Choosing a Supplier is easy... choosing the RIGHT one is a minefield!!

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Why Choose Membrane Switch Technology?

Achieve IP67 with our designs
High chemical resistance using PET throughout
1 million+ actuations using metal domes

And best of all the more you buy the more money you save!

Still not convinced?
Have a look at what our customers have to say about their Keypads & Overlays

Screentec are responsive, innovative and most importantly top quality manufacturers of overlays and membrane switches. And we are now into our 19th year of dealing with your team, well done!

Nick Kemp, Director

Autoflame Engineering Ltd

We have been getting our embossed overlays from you guys since 1996, almost 20 years, because you are excellent in all the areas we expect from our suppliers..keep it up!

Chris Parish, CEO

Eclipse Nursecall Systems Ltd

Congratualtions Team, you have been supplying us with embossed overlays for just over 20 years, still delivering first class quality, on time every time. Keep it up for the next 20 years!

John Smith, CEO

Mitsco Ltd

Next year is the 20th Anniversary of working with you, thank you for your attention to detail, prompt responses and excellent quality.

Drew Clayton, Managing Director

Coffetek Ltd

What I like about your crew is that their attention to detail saves us time and money. We have been working with you since 1987 and look forward to doing so way into the future.

Nick See, Managing Director

Ultrasound Technologies Ltd

So Exactly What Are We Offering And What Are The Benefits For You?

Full & spot colour printing
Digital or screen printed
Pillow embossed, UV perimeter embossed
Metal dome tactile (7mm - 20mm diameter)
Polydome switches (6mm to 30mm diameter)
Flexi or PCB construction
Metal, Polycarbonate, toughened glass or acrylic support panels available.
SMD LED's (white, blue, green, red, amber, bi-colour, yellow & IR)
SMD diodes & resistors embedded
Hard coat fine matt, gloss & antiglare or combination
Choice of clincher connectors fitted from single way to 60 way (2.54mm pitch)
Tail connections made to suit 1mm, 1.25mm, 1.27mm, 2mm & 2.54mm PCB connectors ZIF, LIF or IF.

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Shown below are a few examples of the types of custom keypads and industrial graphics we have made. Please contact us for more information on any of these or your own requirements.



This is an example of a graphic overlay that has dual texture (window glossed for character clarity). Transparent tinted windows are included to suit different LED colours. The graphic colours have been screen printed and matched to our customers exact specification. The material used in the production of this overlay is hard wearing and suitable for the environment the equipment has to cope with.

Globa lMarine


This graphic overlay has been digitally printed primarily to offer a low cost alternative for short run requirements. These types of overlay can be pillow embossed to help finger location and maximise click button response. The rear of this panel has an extra polyester film behind the buttons to greatly improve switch button durability.



This example of a non-tactile flexi membrane* switch panel has a different dual texture combination. The base material is a hard coat gloss polyester which offers a scratch resistant surface for LCD windows and button tops. The rest of the front has a very tough UV MR (Mark Resist) texture screen printed over it. This panel also has UV embossing around the button perimiter to enhance finger locations.



This example shows a metal dome tactile membrane* construction that has pillow embossed button tops for easy finger location. This pillow embossing gives both a better click feel from the metal domes below and also enhances the overall styling of the panel greatly.



Polydome tactile button embossing is ideally suited to high volume manufacturing by keeping production costs lower while offering good click button response. This membrane also has SMD LEDs embedded into the panel. Polydome tactile membrane* switch construction can also offer all the features of dual texturing, transparent windows and window tints.

Randox membrane


This example shows a polydome tactile button construction including dual texturing. The base material of the graphic layer is a hard gloss polyester for clarity of view through to the large display below with UV MR texture covering the rest of the front. Behind the large clear window are tiny UV dots which keep the rear of the graphic away from the rigid transparent panel below. The assembly of the "flexi membrane switch panel" and the rigid clear backing panel is carried out in a clean room environment with de-ionised air to eliminate "inclusions" during the construction of the membrane here at Screentec.

Can't see what you're after? Contact us today so we can make your ideas a reality.

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+digi printed & laser cut graphics only. *Membrane switch construction means that there are extra layers below the graphic layer that have switch circuit printing using silver conductive ink and sometimes conductive carbon inks to provide a complete encapsulated switch solution. These circuits are usually connected to a PCB via a "tail" fitted with either a crimped on connector or a tail end suitable for a ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) PCB mounted connector. Our engineers can help with all these aspects. We can offer a complete design service, complete with drawings made to ISO 9001 standards.
Our clients include: