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You May Be Here Because Your Marketing Department Have Sold Your New
Product Before Anyone Has Thought About Its Appearance, Or Maybe You
Just Need A Quality Label To Enhance The Value Of Your Product,
Perhaps Your Existing Supplier Just Doesn't Value You And
Constantly Let's You Down. Then Relax,
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Membranes, keypads and labels

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Dear Customer,

If you're faced with challenging timescales, unsure of all the technical aspects or need help with the design then your day may be about to get a little better.Custom Keypad

Welcome to Screentec - a different kind of manufacturer.

We are NOT just a printer of sticky labels
We are NOT just a manufacturer of touch screen protectors
We are NOT just a high volume manufacturer
We are NOT just a rapid prototyping house
We are NOT just a redundant machine keypad refurbisher
We are NOT just an industrial graphics design house
We are NOT just a manufacturer that offers a personal service
We are ALL of these things AND SO MUCH MORE!

Interested? Read on...

Who is Screentec?

We like to think of Screentec as a "solution provider".

Many of our customers come to us not fully aware of all the pitfalls and avoidable mistakes that can be made when purchasing industrial graphics. Whether it's for a graphic overlay, replacement membrane keypad, protype membrane switch or just a label for your machine, Screentec can provide a solution.

What are the benefits of
using Screentec?

Custom Keypad




Historically, setup costs for membrane switch solutions could have totalled £1,250. Even a basic overlay or machine label setup could exceed £350...

But now with Screentec's continual investment in state of the art technologies and processes these costs can be considerably reduced for short run productions. Rapid prototyping often has no tooling costs at all, with the added benefits of small changes or ammendments often incurring no additional penalties.

Below is a video of our Trotec laser cutting a spacer for a membrane panel.

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Who are our typical Customers:

A large company, with a small R&D department needed to get their front panels sorted after all the new machine's mechanical design had been completed and the main parts ordered.

The Design Engineer realised they needed a membrane keypad, with SMD LEDs included, to fit onto the front of the new machine. This new machine had been completely designed mechanically, except for the control panel. However, there was no space left for a PCB to hold the LEDs up behind the small area left for the data entry section. Luckily for them we make membrane keypads with SMD LEDs embedded!

This is a world leading scientific instrument manufacturer making oil rheology measuring machines for other multinational companies. They are a small part of a large company that owns lots of small companies, all inter related. There were only 5 engineers in their R&D department. Fortunately, they remembered our sales engineer calling in a few months previously, talking about membrane switch panels with SMD LEDs embedded in them, negating the need to have a PCB just below the front panel. We guided them right through from conceptual design, through prototyping and then on into production. We went on to make several other keypads with LEDs in them for the next 20 years.

An SME with less than 20 people in the company. The MD gets involved in every part of the company and although he has engineers to sort out electro mechanical issues, none are up to graphic design. He relies on us to come up with conceptual designs, chooses a couple, we make rapid prototypes and he settles on a final design for production. He then comes back to us every time a modification or a new product comes up. We get involved with his electronic engineers for circuit/switch matrix/ pin out/ tail exit postion etc....as do many, if not all of our customers.

A two man company making and refurbishing Military Robots. They needed to replace their entire control panel set - we redesigned the whole keypad set around their current layout, replacing costly PCBs and hand soldered LEDs.

Component assemblers often ask us to get in touch with their customers to sort out their customers’ front panels. They trust us to get it right on their behalf but they haven't the knowledge or manpower to do this themselves. They recommend us to other companies, who then become our customers as well.

A multi national medical company were being supplied an inferior product(button areas cracking). We sorted it out for them and recommend a design change. We then worked with their design company, who are one of the biggest in the Western World, based in Los Angeles. They relied on our expertise to get it right. Our panels are still seen on several Medical soaps (US and UK) to this day!

An SME that refurbishes dairy equipment come to us to reverse engineer keypads off old redundant equipment for their customers. We have several other companies that we do this for, different industrial sectors.

Two very large vending machine manufactures use us because we do what they want, on time, everytime and to their very high quality standards. In turn they give us all their work, and also recommend us to many of their own customers.

A water systems company who are a small part of an international organisation, give us all their work. They have told us that they would give us even more work, if we only we made other products that they need. We also have a good relationship with their product designers and enjoy referrals from them too.

An SME that employs some 50 people which are the market leaders their field, come to us for our quality of our production; our knowledge and the dependability of our service. They dropped two other local suppliers in favour of using us. The key here is never to become complacent, always looking to improve.

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Not convinced Screentec is the
best choice for you?

With Screentec you get to deal with people who really do hold your best interests at heart. If you have a good experience with us you are more likely to come back to us, and recommend us too.

We have seasoned professionals with the widest range of knowledge in the industry, some of us worked on the ZX80! And backed up by an enthusiastic workforce, armed with state of the art equipment.

It would be true to say most of our customers end up being our friends.

We go out of our way to make your experience of dealing with Screentec a breath of fresh air, in comparison to dealing with many of our competitors.

Let us help you solve your problem.