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Thursday 1st March 2018

Saint Davids Day

Wales went into battle with Saxon invaders, we were losing, confusion struck throughout the battlefield as the Saxon’s and the Welsh had similar clothing and nothing to tell them apart in the split decisions on whether to strike who was in front of them or realise it was one of their own men. A monk cried out that they had to mark themselves to differentiate them from their enemies.
The monk took a leek off the ground in front of him telling the Welshmen to wear it.
“Here, wear this so you will know any soldier who does not have a leek is your enemy”

The battle over.
The Welsh had triumphed, and the monk was non-other than Saint David.

Today is the day we celebrate the first patron saint of the year, St David, the patron saint of Wales which whom died on March 1st in 589 AD.

There have been many stories of his descendants, Welsh royalty... Son of Sant, King of Ceredigion and a nun called Nonnita... Even a descendent of King Arthur.
He founded a monastery near to where he was born, that area is known as St Davids.

Though, these stories may all be fiction, on the other hand we do know that he become an archbishop later in his life.

Although this is not a national holiday in Wales (we wouldn’t mind it being), it has been celebrated here since canonisation of David in the 12th century by Pope Callistus II (though it hadn’t become a national day of celebration in Wales until the 18th century).

To celebrate Saint David’s day this year, we have produced coasters to rest those many beers being drunk from celebrations, or even just a nice cup of tea.
The coasters measure approx. 100mm diameter and are laser etched onto cork material for a durable finish.
We’re all very happy with them in our offices!

Click the link below and you’ll be re-directed to where you can purchase these:

St David's Day Cork Coasters

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant.
Saint David’s Day.

Laser Engraved Welsh Coasters

Laser Engraved Welsh Coasters

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